Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Two words for you: Autoerotic Mummification

Dexter´s current fifth (5) season is closing its end, and so far to be frank, it has been nothing but underwhelming. Where is the usual bold choices in scriptwriting, Deb´s filthy mouth and bloody gore that you cannot watch? Almost feels like the producers have gone the safe route, opting to have more family -friendly material in order to please the masses. And to get the show more easily available for non-cable consumption.

Looks like I am not the only one. Recent article by the LA Times asks the very same question. The storyline of Lumen is fumbling its way towards the light and meaning, but never quite gets there, if it is to even get anywhere. Julia Stiles´ character is either A)scared b) confused c) the mix of A &B. Like Dexter (played by Michael C. Hall) asks in episode 8 of the new season: " This is much easier with a partner [Elumen]. But a partner in what?"
And judging from the latest episode it is difficult to see where her character is going. Is she the love interest? A fellow psychopath side-kick? To be rescued victim? In a way, the writers are indeed trying to find a partner for Dexter in his murderous pursuits. The primal flaw in this is the fact of being a psychopath serial killer, which Dexter is portrayed as being: they remain unattached, they operate alone, and do not feel remorse.

All along past the 10 latest episodes we have heard the screams of the 13 victims being raped, tortured and butchered by the gang of "take it!"-men club. But we have not seen it.  Are we approaching the limit of what can be shown in realm of this story? Is it too much to handle for the borderline dark comedy-material of the show? Do we even want to see sadistic killing of innocent girls?

What is being served for us, and in plentiful, are the constant mass mind games and fake smiles of the motivational speaker "Jordan Chase" (played by Jonny Lee Miller ). Various inspirational speakers and motivational coaches are a kind of perverse sign of our times. The need for someone to tell us we are worthy, that everything is ok is an inherently psychological regression into childhood; longing for our mommy. Secular times have replaced the old priests on Sundays for cd:s, tapes and seminars full of psychobabble jargon that is supposed to change our lives. Small change for offering has been taken over by credit cards and greed. "We are born primal. Do you feel that Dexter? That hunger inside of you to be whole again. That hunger is your primal self. You must open your heart and listen to what it says. Cease the power of instinct. We are going to take it".
Is this the true gore of the fifth season?

What seems to be the highlight so far, is naturally Vince Musaka and his refreshingly out-there comments on his surroundings. I only wish he could get more screentime. Autoerotic mummification. Need I say more?


Monday, November 29, 2010

Annual Bad Sex Award

Yes, eighteenth annual The Literary Review Bad Sex in Fiction Award has just been announced. Jonathan Franzen narrowly escaped the pseudo-prestigious prize, as did Alaistair Campbell (former UK primer minister Tony Blair´s spokesman). The winner will join the ranks of former lucky writers, such as Tom Wolfe, Norman Mailer, John Updike and Jonathan Littell. Not such a bad company, now is it? Better to hang with the best group of awkward sex-writers than the worse of the worst Harlequin-dreamers.( Not that there is anything wrong with a few Harlequin-novel quickies after an exhausting week in the boiler room, kill room, cave, cubicle -however you might call it during those long afternoon hours. )

The annual prize was set up in 1993 " to draw attention to the crude, tasteless, often perfunctory use of redundant passages of sexual description in the modern novel, and to discourage it". Hmm, redundant, discourage. Did I mention that this a British phenomenon? Of course it is. "Pornographic or expressly erotic works are excluded from the contest. " Well, of course they are. These are British, after all. If you want raunchy, you can go all overboard, but no hints, no teases, no taste of the forbidden. Please. Remember your manners!

And who was the winner? A fellow named Rowan Somerville on his work "The Shape of Her". Somerville was cheeky enough to accept prize with a statement: " There is nothing more English than Bad Sex, so on behalf of the entire nation I would like to thank you." See? He gets it.  He totally gets it.

Interestingly, "The Economist" gave the book a shiningly good review, when it was published: "A musical novel, finely plotted".
Let´s enjoy some of the highlights on Somerville´s winning poetic mind:

"A woman´s nipple is upturned like the nose of the loveliest nocturnal animal, sniffing in the night"
"Max´s lovemaking is like a lepidopterist mounting a touch-skinned insect with a too blunt pin"


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Shout out:Real Life Superheroes.org

My recent story on "The real-life Superheroes in Seattle" just got a nice mention on their site. Check it out here. Thank you very much, fellows, and keep up the good work!

 (pictured: Citizen Prime via org)

Selling Tweets, making money out of a name

The purpose of Twitter has long been somewhat of a cloudy issue for the celebrities. Passing info of the latest news in your celebrity shenanigans-true. Enlightening us of your existence and gathering followers -true. (Some might say collecting as many followers as possible is the only goal of Twitter, see Ashton Kutcher)
Sponsorship, or plain old advertising has creeped its way into this social networking medium as well.
The latest revelation is the actual amounts. Would you promote for 58 bucks as Tony Mandarich does?

Khloe Kardashian (reality-pseudostar and wife to a famous athlete)  2941.25 dollars (per tweet)
Ryan Sheckler (MTV-reality waste, skateboarding athlete)  can be negotiated
Lindsay Lohan (sad case in rehab) 2985.80 dollars (per tweet)
Audrina Patridge (dancer and actress in training) 1117.68 dollars (per tweet)
Heidi Montag (blonde singer) 3529.50 dollars (per tweet)
Spencer Pratt (actor)  2941.25 dollars (per tweet)
Holly Madison (Hugh Hefner´s ex-bunny)  4000 dollars (per tweet)
Ian Somerhalder (actor) 941.20 dollars (per tweet)
Nina Dobrew (actress) 417.66 dollars (per tweet)
Tom Welton (actor) 2353 dollars (per tweet)
Apolo Ohno (olympic athlete) 235.36 dollars (per tweet)
JuicyStar007 (Youtube beauty guru) 455 dollars (per tweet)
Kelis (singer) 1764.75 dollars (per tweet)
Lisa Rinna (actress and all-around dancer) 780 dollars (per tweet)
Marlee Mathlin (Oscar-winning actress) 217.65 dollars
PaPaRoach (rockband) 1176.50 dollars
Soleil Moon Frye (actress) 5850 dollars

(info from "Sponsored Tweets"") This is just a tip of the iceberg, in reality almost all of the known names on Twitter most likely get compensated for mentioning anything. Like we did not know?
Interestingly Ms Montag makes more than her spouse.
Were you surprised of this organized advertising?


Monday, November 22, 2010

Bitesize pops

The Steve Jobs -action figure has arrived. 80 dollars, and Steve can be lurking at you on your desk. But be patient - there is a waiting list , as the first 300 Steves were already sold out.

One in four(4) websites visited by Americans last week was Facebook. Almost five times more pageviews than Google. scary

The house portrayed as the home of vampire queen Sophie-Anne Leclerq in the acclaimed tv-show "True Blood" is on the market. Tacky sunroom, anyone?

According to dna-studies, Native Americans visited Iceland 100 years ago.

Steve Wozniak believes that Android phones will surpass other smartphones in world dominance. He still likes his iPhone, though.

Daniel Day-Lewis will play play Abraham Lincoln in a new epic made by Steven Spielberg.

Wesley Snipes is finally entering prison for his tax evasion. His sentence is three years.

Tim Burton is writing a Twitter story with his followers. Anyone can participate.

Warner Brother is rebooting "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" -but without Joss Whedon

And finally, "The Green Hornet" -trailer is here:


Real-Life Superheroes in Seattle

Here is an interesting article on the recent emergence of a superhero-movement in Seattle. They call themselves "Rain City Superheros  movement", and claim to be part of a US-wide network of similar alliances. With names like Thorn, Buster Doe, Green Reaper, Gemini, No Name, Catastrophe, Thunder 88, Penelope and Phoenix, the group patrols the city by night looking for crime and danger. 

The national website of the costumed heroes works as a sort of manual of the trade, as well:

    The term Real Life Superhero is variously applied to real-world people who dress and/or act like comic book superheroes. Sometimes, this label is bestowed upon them by those whom they have helped or the media, while at other times, the aspiring superheroes apply the label to themselves.
    Some media reports have focused on an Internet-based community that's developed around creating superheroic identities and helping others. These people wear masks or otherwise disguise themselves in order to perform "heroic deeds" like community services or fighting crime when they come across it

Yes, these people are real. Apparently MySpace works by augmenting the movement through a communication network amongst the caped crusaders around the world. ( if in need of a local vigilante, happy Hunting in MySpace.) According to Rain City Superhero Movement"- website, they do this, because "somebody has to do something". And also, "they get a kick out of this"- which is understandable. Every time my Monday looks rainy and grey, I just slip on the Silk Spectre- outfit, perform a few kicks in front of the mirror while the soundtrack plays on the background and feel all powerful -a warrior woman. But these people go a bit further in they pursuit of action and justice.

The police in Seattle are worried that the heroes might hurt themselves, or someone else in the process.
In one instance a man dressed in black costume was nearly shot when running from a dark park. In another case, an innocent bystander mistook the heroes as robbers (sitting in a car with ski masks by the gas station does that to you, don´t think otherwise) and called the cops. The owner of the parked heroe-mobile claimed her  godson just drives around doing "good deeds". Nice godmother, lending her Kia Fate for such heroic activities. Not many would understand, such a cruel world we live in. 

Seattle police discovered the true identity of "Phoenix", a mysterious character who is driven around the city by a civilian young woman (read: not into costumes). Phoenix was interviewed by the detectives and arrived to the station in most of his costume (parts were being repaired after an intervention to a drugtrade). In his usual attire, the character wears body armor, ballistic vest, arm and leg trauma plates and a ballistic cup. All this safety helped in stopping a bullet during a previous action incident last year. Note: all our heroes in the alliance do not carry firearms, just plain old pepper spray, tasers and nightsticks. 

Seattle police state that there is nothing wrong in ordinary citizens getting involved in the criminal justice process - as long as they exercise caution, call 911 and remain as witnesses. 

Call it what you might, I still find it incredibly impressive that these people are trying to do their part in stopping crime. Somewhat crazy, maybe, but incredibly sexy. In the utmost theoretical sense.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hillywood and the Twilight-Eclipse parody

While on the topic of the big "T", here is the latest installation in the series of parodies the two Hindi-sisters have made. On the looks of it, their ambition just keeps growing. All the time and money that must have been spent on this -for our enjoyment.
The Hindi sisters  Hilly and Hannah began their webvideo-ventures 10 years ago with a submission to an AOL-contest. Out of 10 000 admissions, they placed 3rd. Since then they have honed their skills, and the first parody of Twilight has gained over 2 million views on Youtube. Girls finance the videos themselves, and until recently their grandmother made all the necessary costumes (!) The cast along with the sisters has become so famous among fans of the vampire series, that they regularly tour on fan conventions.

Eclipse Parody by The Hillywood Show™ from The Hillywood Show™ on Vimeo.


Flexible Lady

Yes, this is really her. No, it is not altered or photoshopped in anyways.
Meet the lovely and talented Zlata, a Russian 24-year-old, who demonstrated her amazing capabilities in these pictures. Zlata has done extreme gymnastics and circus since she was 14, which is pretty late to begin body sculpting to this direction. As anyone in the know of gymnastics can tell you, body loses its elasticity quite early.What, you thought it is just a coincidence that all those athletes in the _woman_ category of world gymnastics are under 20? In light of that, what this flexible girlie is doing is quite extraordinary.I hear Cirque du Soleil calling....about now.


Monday, November 15, 2010

Inside of Isle Esme- video from the Breaking Dawn -film set

As you are reading this, it might already been found by Summit and taken down. So watch it while you can.
Inside the set, video of gloomy Kristen Stewart, the bed and all the numerous people and film machinery needed to produce the eagerly awaited final part of the Twilight- franchise.


Gwyneth Paltrow gets the Glee-treatment

When autotuning is used to the max in music production, the end result is something like this.
The incredibly popular "Glee" has dear old Gwynnie guest starring, and as is common practice with the show, everything soundwise is "cleaned" to perfection. At some parts, it is hard to tell whether it is a woman, man or a computer singing. I call it "the Glee treatment".

Here is her recent performance at the Country Music Awards, from which you can get a better glimpse of singing talents, if there is any. I would say average, with difficulties in the higher register(of voice). Nothing outstanding. But she is not known for any music talents, she is an Actress. I am very curious to see the upcoming "Country Strong", which is prepped as her second Oscar winning-movie. To me, she has never seemed as the rough woman from the South singing country. More like the cold and serene English aristocrat  than red-blooded Martina McBride. But a good actor can convincingly portray anything. This will certainly be  a test of talents, if anything.


Preventing drunken missteps

This handy new tool by a Colorado-based web security company promises to prevent those embarrassing moves on the internet after a drunken night (as nothing good happens after 1 AM).
It is called the Social Media test, and it is a free plug-in for Firefox/Google Chrome browsers. Program requires the users of Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Flickr or Tumbl to perform simple coordination tests before allowed to post online. The tests include keeping the cursor inside a moving circle or correctly identifying a set of flashing lights. Failing leads to blocking access to posting. Google also has a similar tool  with math questions, designed to prevent drunken emails.


James Frey and manufacturing YA consent

With the success of the Harry Potter -series and Twilight-franchise, Young Adult (YA)- books as a genre are all the rage these days. Books dealing with the paranormal and fantasy have hit the nerve among the young readers, but surprisingly, it is not just them reading: adults of all ages have discovered YA as well.( This article by the Los Angeles Times discusses this phenomenon quite well). Even +40-year-old stockbrokers can be seen at the subway stop holding a copy of "Twilight". Some of the best of of lot is Suzanne Collins´ "Hunger Games" -trilogy, which has  already been scheduled for movie release in 2013 by Lionsgate.

If Harry Potter and Twilight have showed us anything, it is that these books can be easily turned into successful movies. And this is The niche that the infamous writer James Frey has decided to hit on and strike it rich. Frey is more widely known from his "autobiography" Million little pieces(2003), which to date has sold around 8 million copies in more than 30 languages. The man fooled even Oprah with his tragic tale of drugs and overcoming the beast of an addiction. Now he has dreamed up a YA-novel sweatshop, called Full Fathom Five. Simply, because he does not have the time to write these grandeous, money-grapping YA-cookings himself. The deal is to comb through MFA-programs across the US, offer little or next to nothing money, and ask for entire books on fantasy, paranormal subject matter or teen romance. Frey keeps the rights to possibly published works to himself along with 60-70 % of all proceeds. He does help with editing, in so far as it helps to "commercialize" the finished product. Because the main idea is to produce serializable, film adaptable, entertaining novels, that are filled with product placement.

The biggest success of Full Fathom Five has so far been "I am number Four", a tale about young aliens in exile on Earth. The book is supposedly authored by a mystical figure named Pittacus Lore, but in reality it is a collaboration between Frey and a young writer on his "team", Jobie Hughes. Tales of Hughes being bitter over the contract he signed are circling around the internet, as are claims of him being the actual sole writer of the book. Interestingly, "I am number Four" was not accepted by any publishing house until Frey (along with powerful agents) managed to sell the movierights to DreamWorks. The first movie of a planned series is already in the works with big names behind it (Steven Spielberg, Michael Bay). In fact, the movie production began so fast that the actual book had to be finished and published in haste.

Is the first release of the sweatshop of hopeful writers any good? No, it is not. Not Twilight-good, not even close to Harry Potter-good. The attitude of "anything can be packaged in this shape for YA and it sells with a movie" shines though. The editing is horrific, the plot a worn out cliche with not even an ounce of trying. Truth be told, Jobie Hughes probably had a great idea to start with, but it got lost somewhere between 250 dollars (Frey´s given paycheck of a book) and commercialism.

Frey is not showing any signs of slowing down. His supreme idea is somewhat of a factory, along the lines of Andy Warhol or Damien Hirst. A group of people working to create pieces to sell, with his (brand) name slapped on them. The ethics or morality of this scenario are seemingly of no interest to him. In this New York Magazine article he is cited as saying "truth does not exist". He defends his cutthroat terms of contract as the usual Hollywood-style "work for hire"-practice. Except Hollywood writers are usually paid more than 250 dollars.
So far at least 30 young hopefuls have joined his factory with big dreams on their minds. For Jobie Hughes, the dream ended with lawyers. He signed off from writing the sequel to "I am number Four" and is trying to get more proceeds from the first one. Frey´s company recently sold another first book of a planned series to Will Smith´s production company, which plans to make the King Arthur -adaption into a movie vehicle for Jaden Smith. The actual author is not named, and maybe never will.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Kitchen Dreams in the 1950s

Back in the 50s, people had high hopes for the future. It was commonplace to believe in a colony in Moon, talking robot helpers and glowing democracy that would save us all with a wink of capitalism.
So no wonder the scientists dreamed up all kinds of fancy aids to help in the kitchen.

This beautiful dream was cooked up by the engineers at General Motors in 1954. Electric mixers and food blenders would rise out of the counters and motorized cabinets move up and down.

In this idea, everything would work out like magic with the touch of a button.

And this image shows us a quite advanced scifi-kitchen. As in, it is still not possible. Frigidaire´s and General Motors´Kitchen of Tomorrow in 1956. The IBM manufactured card containing a recipe file not only shows the picture of a dish on the screen, but it would dispense the ingredients and start preparing the dish itself. Automatic laundry machine would start washing clothes on its own when the load reached 8 lbs.Now that would be a  housewives/or househusbands savior!

This era is quite charming. Capitalism and peer pressure pushed the middle class into buying all the new shiny toys for their new suburbian houses, and commercials emphasized how having all the latest gadgets, floors, furnitures etc. for your home was absolutely necessary. Otherwise you were an unacceptable house(wife). Everything was pushed with appeals to technology, modern times and normality. It was "abnormal" not to have a modern kitchen and a house. Nowadays advertising is much subtler, which can be noticed while watching this video.


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Veronica Mars movie petition gets an email-address

If you are not familiar with the cult classic show "Veronica Mars", which aired three seasons and ended in 2007, better go get your DVD:s now. What "My So-called Life" was in the 1990s, "Veronica Mars" was in 00s.
Clever and funny show written by Rob Thomas even coined its own genre, called "camp noir".

Veronica, played by fresh-faced Kristen Bell, was a teen detective in a "90210"-school, working for her private eye dad and secretly for herself. Not so interesting so far? The themes covered in the show were incest, drugs, suicides, pedophilia, teen pregnancy, roofies, adoption, internet porn, LA gangs and the gap between the have´s and have nots. All told in a smart and sarcastic, yet funny, way. The series was critically acclaimed and much loved by its small devoted fan base, but ultimately it failed to generate enough advertising income for its  productions company to justify fourth season. The topics tackled in the show probably had something to do with the issue as well.

The Series not only kickstarted the career of Kirsten Bell, but it also featured Amanda Seyfried. The talk of continuation of the story in the form of a movie has been on going since the end of the show, but now the company owning the rights has offered an email address, where to send your devoted petitions. Clearly, if enough people send their thoughts, something might happen. Fingers crossed.

The address is:  VeronicaMarsMovie@warnerbros.com

Only those who risk going too far, find out how far they can go (Fringe 0305)

The case of madam Courtney Love. If you have not read the extraordinary article about her in "The New York Times", please do so.

I have always been fascinated by this lady. The widow of late Kurt Cobain, singer-songwriter of critically acclaimed "Hole", Golden Globe-nominated actress of "People vs. Larry Flynt" in 1996 and the occasional muse for countless designers, musicians, hipsters and wannabes. It is fair to say, she has had several opportunities over the years; chances that thousands of aspiring artists would kill for. Yet, she can´t quite make it work. wikipedia refers to her as "an occasional actress" and her latest cd, "Nobody´s Daughter" managed to move only  52 000 copies. Albeit it is not the golden era in record sales, but still a long way from what was to be expected.

Her personal problems with drugs and mental disorders are well documented. Recently Love lost custody of her only child, Frances Bean, amidst rumors of mismanaging her daughter´s future inheritance. Courtney is not all quiet about her struggles- the lady tweets alot. I know, because I have had her listed in my Twitter feed, until I could not take the frantically appearing writings that are often impossible to comprehend.

The NY times article starts with Love proudly declaring her new shape, "I am trying to take better care of myself", while attending the screening of a new movie. Later she is found dazed and intoxicated, stumbling naked in the arms of artist Anselm Kiefer. This seems to be the pattern of her life. She gets better and clean, we all cheer- and then comes the inevitable fallout. The cycle has continued since the 90s. Her bizarre episodes entertain us, give us something to ogle and gossip. In this instance, she is the ultimate celebrity for our enjoyment: look at that, money and fame cannot buy happiness.

Courtney´s alleged repeated missteps in clothing choices and plastic surgery are well-documented and pictured. I was somewhat surprised to find out there is an actual website devoted to her whimsically artsy choices: http://whatcourtneyworetoday.com/  Some of the images are sad depictions of a  former grunge queen imitating upper middle class chic. If anything, Courtney is never upper middle class. She is a woman, who wears Narciso Rodriguez, rips it off and shouts F U for us to hear. She is like the anti-Madonna, who we follow not due to her fancy clothes, but what she does while wearing them.

"I speak to you as someone who doesn´t want to be perceived as a trainwreck", she declares to the interviewer in her hotel room, where she has been staying since last year. The room is described as messy, filled with clothes, cigarette buts, junk food and prescription bottles.  By her own admission, she is taking antidepressants, which, combined with alcohol, produce the kind of spaced out states she is often written on.

Prozac, depression and antidepressants became all the fashion to have and talk of in the 90s, with the emergence of books such as "Prozac nation" by Elizabeth Wurzel. Suddenly it was cool to be depressed and be taking medication; having mental issues were associated with creativity and brilliance. But the novelty value of being out of balance did not last long; by 2001 and Winona Ryder´s shoplifting incidence the stigma attached to mental problems began to re-emerge. Winona, the other famous dark and moody actress, was once the poster child for glorified angst and anxiety("Heathers", "Reality Bites"). Now, she was just 30 and found with 7 illegal pain killers in her purse, among them Demerol and Oxycodone. (The video is here )
Clearly, Courtney has missed the fashion trend in this instance, if there ever was one.

Yet, she is likable in the way underdogs often are. Her tales of humble beginnings aside due to her mother being an heiress to the Bausch & Lomb fortunes, she is charismatic in a way people with tremendous challenges behind them are. When she is calm and sober, she talks with a magnetic, quick-witted way about her.

As Simone Beauvoir remained to be always known as "that Sartre´s woman", somehow less genius than her lifepartner, the same was (is?) in danger to happen to Love. There can be destinies far more horrific in life than to be branded as "Cobains widow", yet Courtney is fighting it, trying to make something of her own name again and again.  Regardless of the value of her merits, she doesn´t stop inspiring us. One could argue that the whole look and attitude of teen star Taylor Momsen is taken from Love.


Monday, November 8, 2010

Bitesize pops

New detailed report investigates the disappearing Atlantic bluefin tuna and the questionable fishing practices. Stop eating that tunasushi, people

The existence of precognitive powers has been proved -via the help of erotic pictures. Really. This was Cornell university, so it must be true.

The large Hadron Collider has finally created a "mini big-bang". This would be in Cern, Europe

The most overpaid actor according to Forbes magazine is..... Will Ferrell

According to David Duchovny, the third "X-files" movie is definitely on the works

Controversial writer Michel Houellebecq wins French top award, Prix Goncourt. He has been criticized of misogyny, racial provocation and obscenity among other things.


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mad Men Warning: Smoking is Hazardous to Your Health

The Mad Men -craze got me late, in fact almost 3.5 seasons late. I blame it all on the ad pictures and short clips shown from this fabulous show, where practically always someone is smoking, drinking or both.
It gave an impression of the show of a virtual 1-hour commercial for the alcohol-and tobacco  industry.

Now that I have gone through all but the fourth and latest season, I must admit that the show is good on its own. The writing is good, actors are smart, and one clear, essential idea of what makes art brilliant shows through. Namely, it is better to "show, not tell". Simple, yet so difficult to demonstrate and do well.

However, the use of less-than-healthy substances is heavy and visible in all the episodes. Especially during the first season, which seems to move on through a thick layer of smoke and echoes of alcohol reeks. I get it, this is supposed to be the sixties, when men were drinking at the office before noon, and your doctor was smoking while seeing patients. However, the internationally known brands are namedropped so often, that it makes me believe this is not just set design. Product placement? Of course. For these companies this show is golden. The crew probably gets free cigars and Jack D. sent to their dressing rooms as thanks for a job well done. I am not joking. This is how the machinery works.


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Ick-factor of the Day

Spanish officials announced today of a 10-year-old giving birth to a baby. Apparently the father of the baby is also a minor, although his exact age was not announced. According to Spanish law, having sex (consensual or not) with a child under the age 13 is considered a criminal offence and child abuse.

The child mother is of Romanian origin, and when asked, her mother (the new grandmother) argued this kind of phenomenon to be normal in their culture. Children having children, that is. This leads to believe that culture in question is the Romanian gypsies.

When I see 10-year-olds, they look like little tiny kids, they act and talk like kids. There is no way children in that age have sex and procreate without adult interference and sexual abuse. Am I being overly naive or onto something here?


Priest of a US Megachurch comes out of the closet

Amidst all the recent gay teen suicides, here is a touching  admission from  a prominent priest in Georgia, US.
After two divorces and a life in the closet, he decided to share his true sexuality with his congregation and the world. He believes that God loves us all.