Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Mr. Hugo Chavez and the Art of Exercise

So, no matter how we want it to last forever, the summer will end. Not yet, but soon. Our busy schedules return to  full swing, and so does the pressure of being a fit, active member of a society idolizing the disciplined body.
Really- have you seen the gym floor on those first, cold fall days, when people start getting anxious and hating the effects of summer laissez-faire on their physique? It is a cattle fair. Last only a short while, before most people just give up, relax and stop panicking. At the end of the day, life is short. Don´t get me wrong- it is  good to do sports, but it should not be an obsession. And all you Tracy Anderson -wannabes, I hear you, but choose to ignore you. My prerogative, let´s put it this way.

So what to do, to get the inspiration for a jog or two? Let´s turn to the help of the rich and famous.
Surely, a nice fellow from the land of Venezuela can help, no? Meet the friendly dictator  leader Mr. Hugo Chavez, who just recently recovered from some health problems of his own. Now the new lifestyle is just oozing out of him. So much so, that he decided to share his fave moves with the rest of us mere mortals. After all, he is the Man, who claimed capitalism was the reason behind the end of life in Mars. A man to follow, certainly. So there we go. Don´t get all obsessed with the head tilt, though. I´m sure it is not good to do too many repetitions in a row.

Chavez stars in exercise video by reuters

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