Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Good Old Days of Advertising: Or, is it always illegal to kill a woman?

Shockingly, these disturbing images were once considered acceptable mainstream advertising. Oh, the nostalgia.

 I can´t wait to see what happens 50 years from now; will I look at those pesky Axe/Lynx men´s deodorant ads with a fresh eye? At first one might be appalled at looking at these old pictures, but then again... I´m amused. The reality, in which we live today in the Western countries, is quite far from the "Happy Days" -era pictured below. Woman´s space within the society has greatly expanded from the pigeonhole of wife-mother-whore -dimension, and as a female myself, I am truly glad over that development. Then again, let´s not forget that it is 2011, and yet in Saudi-Arabia women still have to fight over the right to vote. Or to be even recognized for being born  in the first place.


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Nostalgia: Microworld and William Shatner

Happy Easter, folks. As a sidenote, the whole tradition of celebrating Easter actually originates from Anglo-Saxon paganism. Let´s all have a drink for female Goddess Eostre, shall we?

There´s something incredibly sweet and nostalgic about reading old predictions on future.
(Future meaning now)
"2001: A Space Odyssey" never quite materialized, but here is a tiny bit of retro blast from the good old days of 1976 on the topic of  microprocessors. At the time they a relative novelty, but the information given here is still quite accurate. Moore´s Law still upholds. All this old-school technotalk would not be nowhere near as watchable, if it weren´t for our lovable Mr. William Shatner in action. The man is multitalented. Have you seen his version of the Elton John -classic "The Rocket Man?" Let´s add it here, as well. Epic entertainment, if anything. Guaranteed to give you a smile today.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Church of Scientology arrives to Japan : But where is Travolta?

I suppose it is safe to say that after the memorable John Travolta -led rescue mission to Haiti, this was quite inevitable. And predictable. Our friendly scientologists are doing it again, saving sad souls from the perils of natural disaster. This time in Japan. I wonder if Travolta is flying the plane again?

 Being homeless after tsunami, maybe having lost some of your loved ones, what is the first thing popping up in your thoughts? Healing massages, that´s what. They sure can do miracles. Recently my friend lured me into getting one of those "natural alternative treatments", as in reflexology massage. Nope, did not feel a thing. No energies going through my "zones" no matter what. Maybe I´m just  not open enough for these things. What ever the case, perhaps the answer lies in "spiritual first aid" delivered by a "volunteer minister". The therapy relies on "getting in touch with the immortal spirits". Sounds funky and inspiring for next weekend. Especially as the church promises to get "even a drunk man sober in minutes". Wonderful. I should give it a try, or what? 
In all fairness, the yellow-coated heroes did provide food and water for the victims as well. Now if only they could control the radioactivity as well. Maybe auditing can help?


Monday, April 11, 2011

Ghost Malls of China

The speed, with which the formerly purely communist China is embracing capitalism is breathtaking. In fact, the speed is so frantic that it leaves behind us -the people. Ten large cities  are being built every year. Property bubble has created suburbs (yes, China has them) lacking actual habitants and shopping malls waiting for customers to arrive. The reason? The vast majority of Chinese people simply do not possess the means to purchase these brand new homes or visit the few operating shops in these brand new shopping "paradises". Seventy (70) % of the new apartments remain unoccupied.

The Chinese government´s belief in growing its economy with massive building is unparalleled. Simply continuing to build without demand obviously cannot continue forever.

This video gives a look of the growing phenomenon, which we might also call an example of groupthink gone horribly wrong.