Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Nostalgia: Microworld and William Shatner

Happy Easter, folks. As a sidenote, the whole tradition of celebrating Easter actually originates from Anglo-Saxon paganism. Let´s all have a drink for female Goddess Eostre, shall we?

There´s something incredibly sweet and nostalgic about reading old predictions on future.
(Future meaning now)
"2001: A Space Odyssey" never quite materialized, but here is a tiny bit of retro blast from the good old days of 1976 on the topic of  microprocessors. At the time they a relative novelty, but the information given here is still quite accurate. Moore´s Law still upholds. All this old-school technotalk would not be nowhere near as watchable, if it weren´t for our lovable Mr. William Shatner in action. The man is multitalented. Have you seen his version of the Elton John -classic "The Rocket Man?" Let´s add it here, as well. Epic entertainment, if anything. Guaranteed to give you a smile today.


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