Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Church of Scientology arrives to Japan : But where is Travolta?

I suppose it is safe to say that after the memorable John Travolta -led rescue mission to Haiti, this was quite inevitable. And predictable. Our friendly scientologists are doing it again, saving sad souls from the perils of natural disaster. This time in Japan. I wonder if Travolta is flying the plane again?

 Being homeless after tsunami, maybe having lost some of your loved ones, what is the first thing popping up in your thoughts? Healing massages, that´s what. They sure can do miracles. Recently my friend lured me into getting one of those "natural alternative treatments", as in reflexology massage. Nope, did not feel a thing. No energies going through my "zones" no matter what. Maybe I´m just  not open enough for these things. What ever the case, perhaps the answer lies in "spiritual first aid" delivered by a "volunteer minister". The therapy relies on "getting in touch with the immortal spirits". Sounds funky and inspiring for next weekend. Especially as the church promises to get "even a drunk man sober in minutes". Wonderful. I should give it a try, or what? 
In all fairness, the yellow-coated heroes did provide food and water for the victims as well. Now if only they could control the radioactivity as well. Maybe auditing can help?


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