Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Happy Houseguest: Mr. Julian Assange

What´s it like to have a famous friend over for a night? Or two? Or maybe a night too many?

I´ve heard a bundle of stories, but I won´t go namedropping here. Not classy, not even in a very retro sense of the way. This couple does not feel shame, however. And why should they -the man is after all  our very own international man of mystery and suspense who is directing " a consuming, dangerous human rights project". (See the dating ad) If this story is true, it paints a picture of a sad case of obsession and selfishness, complete disregard for other people´s possessions and feelings. Then again, maybe we should approach this with a hint of suspicion. After all, the pesky western government officials sure know how to use propaganda to their advantage.

What puzzles me is how all those ladies fall for a  white-haired ghostly elf with a laptop attached to the hip.
 I´m starting to think he should take a  much needed break from all those serious leaking assignments. Instead,
he could write a bestseller for all the lonely men out there in the style of  "WikiArt of Seduction: How the Deviant and Spooky can bag ´em and leave ´em" . Success guaranteed.


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