Thursday, December 2, 2010

Bitesize pops

Tickets for a Steve Martin -event in Miami were refunded . Audience criticized him of being too boring. Or more diplomatically :"the event did not meet the standard of excellence people have come to expect".

Evolutionary psychologist claims that there is scientific data to back up claims on why beautiful people tend to produce more daughters

"I really don´t think it´s about getting laid for him". Vincent Cassel talks about the director of his new hyped-up movie "The Black Swan"

Writer Anne Rice thinks the romance-aspect of "Twilight" is genius, yet placing the vampires on high school is less so...!

PJ Harvey has announced a new album coming up. Hopefully it is better than her last one. Some people argue  that she has not produced anything as brilliant as "Rid of Me" in 1993

Director and all-around artist/auteur David Lynch has ventured into modern blues . Hmm, something tells me this is either way out there or something marvellous.

Apparently mercury turns wetland birds into homosexuals . This will lead to interesting questions about the safety of residue chemicals/metals  in our drinking water...

Jack White is not happy about his limited-edition recording releases  being sold for hundreds of dollars above their original selling price


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