Thursday, November 25, 2010

Selling Tweets, making money out of a name

The purpose of Twitter has long been somewhat of a cloudy issue for the celebrities. Passing info of the latest news in your celebrity shenanigans-true. Enlightening us of your existence and gathering followers -true. (Some might say collecting as many followers as possible is the only goal of Twitter, see Ashton Kutcher)
Sponsorship, or plain old advertising has creeped its way into this social networking medium as well.
The latest revelation is the actual amounts. Would you promote for 58 bucks as Tony Mandarich does?

Khloe Kardashian (reality-pseudostar and wife to a famous athlete)  2941.25 dollars (per tweet)
Ryan Sheckler (MTV-reality waste, skateboarding athlete)  can be negotiated
Lindsay Lohan (sad case in rehab) 2985.80 dollars (per tweet)
Audrina Patridge (dancer and actress in training) 1117.68 dollars (per tweet)
Heidi Montag (blonde singer) 3529.50 dollars (per tweet)
Spencer Pratt (actor)  2941.25 dollars (per tweet)
Holly Madison (Hugh Hefner´s ex-bunny)  4000 dollars (per tweet)
Ian Somerhalder (actor) 941.20 dollars (per tweet)
Nina Dobrew (actress) 417.66 dollars (per tweet)
Tom Welton (actor) 2353 dollars (per tweet)
Apolo Ohno (olympic athlete) 235.36 dollars (per tweet)
JuicyStar007 (Youtube beauty guru) 455 dollars (per tweet)
Kelis (singer) 1764.75 dollars (per tweet)
Lisa Rinna (actress and all-around dancer) 780 dollars (per tweet)
Marlee Mathlin (Oscar-winning actress) 217.65 dollars
PaPaRoach (rockband) 1176.50 dollars
Soleil Moon Frye (actress) 5850 dollars

(info from "Sponsored Tweets"") This is just a tip of the iceberg, in reality almost all of the known names on Twitter most likely get compensated for mentioning anything. Like we did not know?
Interestingly Ms Montag makes more than her spouse.
Were you surprised of this organized advertising?


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