Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hillywood and the Twilight-Eclipse parody

While on the topic of the big "T", here is the latest installation in the series of parodies the two Hindi-sisters have made. On the looks of it, their ambition just keeps growing. All the time and money that must have been spent on this -for our enjoyment.
The Hindi sisters  Hilly and Hannah began their webvideo-ventures 10 years ago with a submission to an AOL-contest. Out of 10 000 admissions, they placed 3rd. Since then they have honed their skills, and the first parody of Twilight has gained over 2 million views on Youtube. Girls finance the videos themselves, and until recently their grandmother made all the necessary costumes (!) The cast along with the sisters has become so famous among fans of the vampire series, that they regularly tour on fan conventions.

Eclipse Parody by The Hillywood Show™ from The Hillywood Show™ on Vimeo.


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