Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mr Beckham and Ms Irma

When a man is good-looking, rich and famous, having ladyfriends is not an issue . (Actually on second thought, just one of the previous adjectives might be enough to lure females).

Why then would he have to shed out a mere 10 000 $ on an evening of pleasure? Because a man like that does not pay for the company, sex or whatever little thing they are desiring on a whim - they pay for the woman to leave. Slam, bam, thank you ´mam -and please do  not come knocking for a ring. Ain´t happening.

 A friend of a friend of mine knew something about this  high-class escort service business, but would not name any names. And this is a wo/man, who had been taken to the fanciest places and soirees around, but does not bulk from the rule. You see, a true professional does the deed, takes the money and keeps her/his mouth shut.  Seedy-looking and highly talkative Irma does not belong to this category of professionals. This is something mr. David Beckham should keep in mind for the next time. Trust, there will be a next time.

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