Thursday, October 14, 2010

Back to the Future once more

Has it really  been 25 years already since the movie Back to the Future emerged?

The movie and its sequels (to a lesser agree, must admit) still hold time and entertain, although it´s close to 2013, and there is still no sight of flying cars and hover boards. Sneakers that  magically tie laces on their own?

Here´s a promo video for the upcoming Scream Awards 2010, with the familiar Michael J. Fox reprising his role. He still looks the part. Did you know that Eric Stoltz was supposed to play the main role, but was canned after five weeks into the shooting of the first film? He just wasn´t  funny enough, as the powers that be decided. In a major studio film like this, after all the work and five weeks, a decision of this caliber is not done lightly.To be sidelined and tossed aside as "just not good enough" must sting. Stoltz ended up doing bit parts here and there, as a drug seller in "Pulp Fiction" and lately, in the scifi-show "Caprica" as a mad scientist.

Although, after now finally seeing the old footage, I  must admit that they made the right decision. Fox nailed the part and helped making it a huge success worldwide, with nearly 400 million $ in gross profits from just the first movie alone.


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