Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Veronica Mars movie petition gets an email-address

If you are not familiar with the cult classic show "Veronica Mars", which aired three seasons and ended in 2007, better go get your DVD:s now. What "My So-called Life" was in the 1990s, "Veronica Mars" was in 00s.
Clever and funny show written by Rob Thomas even coined its own genre, called "camp noir".

Veronica, played by fresh-faced Kristen Bell, was a teen detective in a "90210"-school, working for her private eye dad and secretly for herself. Not so interesting so far? The themes covered in the show were incest, drugs, suicides, pedophilia, teen pregnancy, roofies, adoption, internet porn, LA gangs and the gap between the have´s and have nots. All told in a smart and sarcastic, yet funny, way. The series was critically acclaimed and much loved by its small devoted fan base, but ultimately it failed to generate enough advertising income for its  productions company to justify fourth season. The topics tackled in the show probably had something to do with the issue as well.

The Series not only kickstarted the career of Kirsten Bell, but it also featured Amanda Seyfried. The talk of continuation of the story in the form of a movie has been on going since the end of the show, but now the company owning the rights has offered an email address, where to send your devoted petitions. Clearly, if enough people send their thoughts, something might happen. Fingers crossed.

The address is:

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