Friday, February 25, 2011

"Sexting" now an official word

Yes people, it is not no longer an obscure word used by cooler than hip teens, gangsta-rappers and the occasional redhead blogger. "Sexting" is among the new words accepted by the Oxford Dictionaries online. The other soon-to-be classics are: "onliner", "scareware", "cyberbullying", "clickjacking", "Tbh"(to be honest), and "fnarr fnarr" (which I had no idea of. Marsian influence? No, apparently it means sniggering. )

Technology and short acronyms are creeping their way into our dialectic, whether we like it or not. If this shortening of announced words gets any more trendier, I wonder if in 50 years we all talking legitimately with cut down words. A new language?


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