Monday, January 24, 2011

Killer-Barbie on the Loose

I´m not quite sure what boys do with those toy soldiers, when playing with them as a kid, but I do remember vividly those elaborate stories and backgrounds we girls built for Barbies. Bold and the Beautiful has nothing to offer in comparison to little girls when it comes to soap opera plot lines. The set ups, the dresses, the shoes, the hair... In fact, I think I do have some female friends who still own their Barbie-dolls and display them like antique on their book shelfs. (Mine were given away behind my back- I know, I´m full of bitterness.
So traumatic.)

While the tales were always full of females, there was only one or two males in the game. Barbie-dolls were much more desired to get from the shop than the boring Ken-dolls. So inevitably, the plays turned into strange depictions of a "Land of Amazons" where the few guys ended up assisting the female queens. Poor fellows.
Here are some interesting images by Mariel Clayton, showing Barbie as a sort of "female Dexter", giving her very best in serial killing to the wobbly Ken. Scenes are disturbing, hope you don´t lose your sleep over it!


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