Friday, January 21, 2011

Happy hugging Day!

Yes, it is the annual hugging day, what ever that means. So give your fellow citizen a hug! Give yourself a hug!

Don´t go to extremes, through. Like this unknown woman over at Vancouver. A man was peacefully sleeping in his bed, when he woke up to the sight of a naked strange woman climbing to his bed. A friendly neighbour.(This is slightly more than borrowing a cup of sugar. Or offering a cup of yours.) Now, some of you men (and women) might be thrilled about this. I understand that. Usually one has to get out of the house to find company. This man should be happy, he is drawing in the skirts even when asleep. Quite the ladies´ man, or what?

Poor fellow. He called the cops. Apparently the woman was intoxicated and passed out. Some men just can´t handle this. When the going gets serious, the weak leave the court.

"Looking for identification in a purse lying amid the pile of her clothes beside the bed, they determined she lived in the same building, but on another floor."

She must have been mortified after waking up from her alcohol-induced haze.

Or... There is no explanation how she was able to fit her key into the lock of another apartment. Or how she was able to get undressed and in to the unfamiliar bed in that state. A lot of coordination is needed for that kind of functioning. Maybe there is more to the story?


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