Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bitesize pops: "Tigerblood" is the Word of the Day

Happy international Women´s Day! How fittingly, the first three posts are dedicated for all those of us feeling that "tigerblood" running through our veins.

Feeling overly narcissistic? Nobody can match the greatness called You, and only you? Fear no more, your royal solitude might have come to an end.  A new dating site promises to use hi-tech face recognition technology to find your ideal mate- someone who looks just like you! Now it really is like looking into the mirror every day, and saying to yourself :"I love you, you are the best". Although an exact replica would just be plain creepy, so he/she might just resemble your noble likeness.

A Study based on an impressive sampling of 311 people found out that superficial women like to post a lot of pictures of themselves to Facebook and maintain larger than average networks. Gee, I never would have thought of that. You always learn new things.

Tired of seeing any mention online of the Mr. Tigerblood himself? here´s some fast relief:  Tinted Sheen, the Charlie Sheen browser blocker. Works in Chrome and Firefox. Over 2000 downloads and growing. If in need of extra blocking power, try the Justin Bieber -option, as well.

Despite earlier reports on retiring the entire NIN altogether, it looks like Trent Reznor is planning new material for his "band". I guess the recent Oscar- win from "The Social Network" energized his return back to his roots.

Phil Collins is retiring from music due to health problems. The rumors of his alleged deafness have been circling for years.

Ron Moore´s new series "17th Precinct" is filled with actors from this Battlestar Galactica -series.

The concept around the new REM -album sounds intriguing. The band has hired a bunch of directors to guest direct video clips for each of the new tracks on their upcoming "Collapse into Now." And yes, James Franco is one of them. Boy, that man sure wants the crown as the 21st century renaissance man.

And finally, some amazing footage of a new volcanic fissure currently erupting in Hawaii.


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