Friday, October 15, 2010

Sarah Palin and Crack for the general mind

Have you looked at the general program offering on TV these days? It is all reality this and reality that. A show on the mundane everyday life in cake-making or flower hacking must have signified the low point for me -who watches this stuff? Sometimes I just hate people. Not really. But sometimes.

This reality-genre is widely known as crack for the production companies: cheap, fast, fills the schedule and gathers the necessary audience to suck in those endless commercials. The amount of commercials in television has grown steadily over the years- if you don't believe that, just pick up those old Dynasty tapes and measure the minutes. Programs used to last longer, because they could. Nowadays they just take up room from the most important thing, which is ad space. That brings in the cash for the companies.
But they would not be making crack, if there was not a willing, participating consumer for that.

And this brings us to Sarah Palin and her latest PR-stunt. She knows how important it is to stay relevant, especially with the next presidential elections coming. After all, one daughter imitating dancing in skimpy outfits on Monday night prime time just doesn´t quite cut it. We need more exposure.


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