Monday, June 28, 2010

Cruise control

This movie must have seemed like such a good idea on paper. On all the papers of the numerous writers apparently involved with this soup. Too many cooks in the kitchen?

After just seeing this flick, I am still mesmerized at who/what/how could have ruined such a good idea. After all, if Twilight-saga has proven anything, it is that women are the new force to be reckoned with when it comes to pulling audience to theaters.
The basic idea is simple:take an everyday middle-aged lady (sorry, Cam..) put him in an airplane adventure with a handsome and mysterious stranger (Cruise), who just happens to fall in love with you and be rich and resourcefull at the same time. Escapism for the ladies, no?

For some reason, "Knight and Day" just does not manage to deliver. Is it a comedy, thriller, action-movie or black parody? The audience gets lost somewhere in between several doses of roofied out Cameron Diaz- a joke that is repeated far too many times to be funny even the first time. Drugging out a woman and kidnapping her several times? Serious case of stalkerism, not romanticism. And whoever thought Tom Cruise still looks good on a beach without a shirt on should check their vision prescription- the man shows his age, and looks old next to still fresh and athletic ms. Diaz.

Anyway, here is the trailer, if thinking about seeing this mess:


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