Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Lady next to the Man - Karen Elson

It is tough trying to make it out from the shadows of a more famous spouse. Just ask Simone de Beauvoir. Accomplished writer and philosopher on her own right, but forever known as "that Sartre´s woman".

Karen Elson is by no means without her own merits. Internationally known model and a founding member of a New York- based political cabaret troupe The Citizens Band, she has by far resisted the urge to just lay back and stand by her man. After all, Jack White can surely stay busy for the both of them. And two little kids in the life can be, well, draining to the best of us.

Despite all the expected comparisons to her husband and to the league of other singer-songwriters out there, she recorded an album. The Ghost Who Walks. And it is pretty darned good. Here is a sample:

That red hair. What I would not give to get it. And Jack White too, while we´re at it.

Here is a link for an article about Karen and her music:

paste magazine

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