Monday, June 7, 2010

It hurts So Good

 And it is that time of the year again. Steaming summer and the third hot serving of  True Blood has arrived.

 Who ever has not had a peek on this series yet, should check it out by now. The show creator Alan Ball has cooked up an intriguing mix of Southern comfort, hot nights, sneaky vampires, black comedy and sex. Of course, sex. One male friend of mine commented the show as something for the ladies- not his cup of tea. Well, I don´t know about that. There is something primal and enticing in the world it creates; people with passion, flare and spunk. The sound of crickets in the oozing Louisiana heat makes one hot and bothered by just looking at the screen from your couch. One female friend of mine confessed to watching the show every time she wants to get "in the mood". I did not ask further questions. No need to. Vampire Bill can come and knock on my door anytime.

Here is one of the minisodes for the upcoming season. By the look of it, it is going to be even more outrageous and weirder than before. Just how we like it.


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