Monday, June 7, 2010

Men who hate women

Poor Stieg Larsson. The Swedish crime reporter handed his 3 manuscripts in a plastic bag to the publisher in 2004. Shortly after he died of a heart attack while climbing the stairs to his office, never witnessing the humongous success his writings have garnered around the world. He was only 50 years old.
Conspiracy theorists are speculating that his death was not an accident, but a carefully orchestrated murder. The man did have a large collection of haters among the criminals he exposed in his writings, but a murder has not been established. link

His tales on the sidelines of the celebrated Swedish well-fare system paint a barren image: all is not well within the bureaucracies of a country priding itself on its abilities to take care of the weak and vulnerable. What is a girl to do among men who hate women? She takes the law on her own hands and tattoos the sins of the fathers on its skin.When a woman becomes nothing but an object and a fetish in the boys´game, she shoots back. Where it hurts. Without condoning violence in the real world , this is the kind of sassyness and attitude that a lot more females need. Instead of always adjusting and silencing our voices in the midst of bare injustice and misogyny, maybe we should say it out loud as it is. After all, being a good girl is awfully overrated.

The inevitable movies based on Larssons´ books were made, with a brilliant casting of Noomi Rapace on the lead role  as Lisbeth Salander. The American version is on the making, and Daniel Craig is rumoured to be playing the male lead. David Fincher is directing the bound-to-be washed-out version of the original, and young Hollywood starlets are competing for the part of Lisbeth. The problem is, the original is so good, that there does not seem to be any sane reason to remake this. Why ruin something that works? Because the Americans can´t read subtitles? Oh please.

Here is the trailer for the original and only real version of the first movie in the trilogy:


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