Monday, June 7, 2010

White African space Jesus

Ah, the wild ones. The Peter Pans, infuriatingly immature, yet always exciting, inspiring, interesting, oozingly hot and never returning our calls. (Unless for the one thing. )  The bad boys. Something tells me that a guy looking like a deep-ocean mop is growing in his head is not good company, yet the image of this creature ignites a longing.

If one has not seen "Get him to the Greek" yet, you better.
Not as funny as "Sarah Marshall", but close. Who can not but laugh at this creature above
singing "Inside of You" while gyrating the floor?

Some people say as woman, I should not laughing at this type of humor. I say heck with it, I like and laugh at whatever I choose.
One critic, whose name unfortunately has escaped me, did make a valid point though: how come these screwball-comedies in the style of friends-going-on-a-trip-that-is-obscenely-funny-and-just-wrong  are not starring women? Are women not funny when they go completely bonkers? There is only one "Absolutely fabulous", after all. And that show was British and ended eons ago.
Oh well. Here is the trailer as a roudie:


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