Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Who kills our birds?

It began last month in Arkansas, with dead birds and fish. Over 3000 dead or dying birds were dropping from the skies all over celebrating people in the town of Beebe (echoing Babel) at new year´s eve. The experience must have resembled that of "The Birds" (1963), except the birds are not angry anymore. Not over the chemicals and toxins being dumped to the nature in masses, not for the fireworks being shot to the air for our brief entertainment. Maybe they are just plain giving up. This is no game of "Angry birds". And other animals are following in line. How about a map?

The deaths were ruled as natural, as were the following mass animal deaths around the world. The latest is from Italy, yesterday 700 turtle doves were found dead. And thousands of fish washed up on Chicago´s harbor.
Theories are abundant, everything from alien conspiracy, secret government tests and North Korean new toxic weapons to plain pollution. The simplest explanation is usually the correct one, all things being equal.

And this time science is blaming the abnormally cold weather. Oh, and some of the birds just plain ate too much. Holiday snacking gone crazy. (How dare they. Show some restraint.) No apocalypse this time, nothing to see here, go home folks (and shop, as the former president Bush would say. And did say).

Let´s see another map. Interactive! See it here. It needs some updating, feel free to add.

The whole thing eerily reminds me of pheasant hunting. Dead birds are raining down all around you, and your company is only concerned over the next tea break (with a little whiskey on the side). It is natural. Therefore we do not see anything absurd. This time we are not literally pulling the trigger on the shotgun. Or are we?

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