Friday, January 7, 2011

Real Life Superheroes part II :Phoenix Jones

The costumed vigilantes are on a roll. Since mentioning their good deeds the last time, the masked protectors have garnered steadily growing media attention for their visionary pursuits. After all, somebody has to do something, right?

This time the man in action is no other than Mr. Phoenix Jones, whom I mentioned earlier. Jones dresses in a golden outfit, wears a bullet-proof vest and carries a taser gun and pepper spray. He has been stabbed a few times, so he knows to protect himself. No showy form of transportation though- he has a female assistant driving him to the scene of action. Naturally, the man has to concentrate. This is no Sunday strolling in the park by the ice cream stand. Currently Jones protects the streets of Lynnwood, Washington -if you are interested in trying to catch him at work. He can also be contacted via Rain City Superhero Movement. 

Here he explains how he prevented a recent car theft. Fellows, anytime you want to give an interview, just let me know.



farouk said...

the post is really interesting, thank you :)

Anonymous said...

I saw this dude on Taboo, on the Nat Geo Channel. It was excellent. I salute what you are doing. You're an excellent role model. Outstanding!