Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Ick-factor of the Day

Spanish officials announced today of a 10-year-old giving birth to a baby. Apparently the father of the baby is also a minor, although his exact age was not announced. According to Spanish law, having sex (consensual or not) with a child under the age 13 is considered a criminal offence and child abuse.

The child mother is of Romanian origin, and when asked, her mother (the new grandmother) argued this kind of phenomenon to be normal in their culture. Children having children, that is. This leads to believe that culture in question is the Romanian gypsies.

When I see 10-year-olds, they look like little tiny kids, they act and talk like kids. There is no way children in that age have sex and procreate without adult interference and sexual abuse. Am I being overly naive or onto something here?


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Daniel Richmond said...

in this case you are, children learn from adults in this pertcular culture the sex is not at all kept secret hence 2 kids can easily learn at the age weather from Siblings or parents its wrong still