Thursday, August 11, 2011

Architectural Delight- Or, the not-your-average Crib

Those of you who have followed my scribbles for awhile, know that I like to engage in a bit of architectural dreaming every once in a full moon. And I´m not thinking just any old architecture with an IKEA simulacrum, but something with a twist. Those people who live in an old lighthouse turned family dwelling? Marvelous. Castle-living? Expensive, but impressive. An apartment turned into Star Trek -ship by the very detail? Neurotic, but still admirable. People have their passions. Mine is, plain and simple, architectural daydreaming.

So here we go: first of, the hotel in drain pipes. Yes, it is called " Das Park Hotel" in Essen, Germany, and you can actually book a room between May and October. Before it gets too darned cold, that is. Here some images of the wonderful little pad. Romantic getaway?

Obviously, showers, toilet or the much needed minibar do not come with the tube, but apparently the public facilities of the park are available. Which gives an interesting add to the term "romantic getaway". Paging George Michael? The bed looks somewhat comfy, but I hate to think of waking up in the middle of the night, alarmed by the small tube-cube, and mistaking it all for a bunker in the Second World War. Smaller things can give you nightmares, you see? Anyways, I´m sure there is a market for this. If they arrange sold-out tourist trips to Chernobyl, there must be eager beavers for this experience, as well.

Next stop takes us to the skies. Airline companies are struggling. Even with taking our last pennies from every carry all, glass of water and legroom, they are still after blood. The green kind, of course. Korean Air has decided the take our primal need to get wasted on-air to the next level. In order to get us really wasted and spend every dime on needless fancy cologne, plastic airplane and other lavish trinkets they hustle for us poor passengers tied to the chair for various hours. At least, that is my theory.So, why not actually stick a bar there? Or three? All for the duration of the trip. The boozing class is aimed, unfortunately, just for the first class PAX. Which is where they get it completely wrong. Don´t they have free drinks anyways? Why do they need the bar for socialization purposes? Isin´t part of the first class allure to get more privacy and space in the small confines of an airplane? They should have aimed for the meager pockets of the common folks over at the coach class.
That´s all I´m saying.


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