Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Amazing Images of 2010

Here is some of the imaginative, mind-boggling shots of the year. Wow, can´t believe it is almost 2011 soon.

Dancing girl robot, manufactured by Japan´s Advanced Industrial Science and Technology.


Ping-pong playing terminator. Made by Vietnam´s first robotic firm, TOSY.

Kim Kyung-Hoon

Comet Hartley II. NASA managed to get never-before-seen pictures up close of the comet. Big rock.

 The European Space Agency has got some nice pics as well, this time we have the Mars. And more precisely, Orcus Patera, a long crater near Mons Olympos on Mars. The rim rises to about 6000 feet.


An Avatar wedding. Need I say more? Apparently this is a big thing in parts of China. What ever makes one tingle, that´s what I always say. 


300-feet sink hole in the middle of Guatemala City (June 2010). Looks like special effects, but is very real. The tropical storm Agatha is believed to be the culprit.

Paulo Raquec

Mars shines bright red over a "moonbow" in fog in a picture taken in Hawaii´s Haleakala volcano. At the time,  in January, Mars was its closest to Earth.

Wally Pacholka

Her majesty the queen wearing 3D-glasses on a visit to movie studio (July 2010). But alas, no ordinary glasses will do: hers were primped with real Swarovski crystals. And the letter Q on both sides. Show that attitude, Lizzie!

John Stilwell


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Amazing pictures! I want that robot.

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