Friday, October 29, 2010

Nokia N8, Pam Anderson and Dev Patel

After my recent posting on this phone, I felt being too harsh. Although it was not my smack down of a machine,I figured this phone needs another view. Here is the anticipated short movie, ad clip, commercial -how ever one calls it. It is filmed in its entirety with the N8-model. There is some famous faces in it, all to give boost and hipness for the new flagship model of a Finnish company. Notice, that we are talking about the film as a marketing vehicle, not the actual product.

Some of the ideas are just plain weird - an Asian samurai jumps out of the blue in a very bad Halloween costume? I can just see the clipboards: And then we put one of those videogame/ martial arts creatures in there to squeak and flash his sword around, that will get the kids´interest, it is so cool. And how much was Pam really paid to just stand around and do nothing? If it was me, I would have actually changed Pam´s usual role from bombshell into something unexpected, and put her into work for the money. Poor Ed Westwick looks entirely uncomfortable and embarrassed of his turn as a plain bell hop. He could do so much more, he could have been used more.
The whole idea of the story is of Dev Patel trying to get to work on time. What is so hip and funny about that? Am I missing something?

 But this is what you get when combining pressure and clumsy ideas. (Notice I do not call it bad, just clumsy) Because pressure is the word that Nokia experiences right now. It has lost a large part of  its value over the last few years, and the competitors are creeping in, taking their share of the markets. Coolness is what they are after, and I am not sure this is the way. What do you think?


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