Wednesday, August 24, 2011

"Elonmerkki" -media conference

Today (25.8.2011) I will be blogging live with 15 other bloggers, related to "Elonmerkki"-media conference, in Helsinki, Finland. It is an honour to be chosen among other bloggers to witness this event.
The day´s theme is related to design, innovation and their strategic significance for organizational value. The need for differentiation in today´s organization is massive. Various daily messages are bombarding us and fighting for the attention that is getting harder to catch.  Design, as we are have come to associate it, has usually been linked to surface, commercialism, embellishment and frivolous enhancement. The core value has been thought to lie somewhere else. The message of this year´s "Elonmerkki" -conference states otherwise. Design is more than a hip afterthought in an engineer´s daydream. It is a complete experience that tells a story of the product/service for the great public. Design is an inseparable, essential part of the product/service.

All the blogposts will be edited into a book. As a plus, the proceeds originating from this publication will be donated to Unicef. Comments are highly appreciated.

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