Monday, May 30, 2011

Cultural stereotypes mapped out

London-based visual artist Yanko Tsvetkov has designed an intriguing, partly amusing series on international stereotypes. Shown here, for your pleasure. You´re welcome.

Anyone care for a trip to the state of "retired popstars"?

Europe according to Italian view is quite uncomplicated, as shown above.

But so is the Russian idea. Darned it, that land of wackos.

It is quite sad to think of our beautiful world in terms of threats.
Thank heavens they managed to kill that bearded terrorist (!) One fear less to worry about in the mind of a small-city republican. (And yes, I know I´m falling to the exact same abyss of stereotypes, of which I´m writing about. They are hard to shake out of. Truly.)

 Partial views on other cultures are pervasive. No matter how we try to think of ourselves as open-minded and culturally blind, the stereotypes still creep up from the under the stones. Some scientists (see semiotics) even claim that we are all, as human beings, inclined to see things through a particular mindset: the ideological glasses are difficult to notice or completely remove. There is always an incentive to prefer "us" as opposed to "them".  Still, it is sometimes refreshing to have a look at the mirror, and see if some thoughts are truly real or worth upgrading.

Europe according to the American view, as shown above. No visits to the Commie-zone.


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