Sunday, January 30, 2011

What women may, or may not want (for Valentine´s day)

That dreadful time is approaching again. Pressure to buy blood diamonds,  child labor chocolates, teddybears from China, plants and other trinkets just to prove (s)he matters. Because we are living in a material world and we are material girls(and boys). Oh, the stories I could tell of past Valentine´s days gone crazy weird.
But let´s not get into that.

Remember  guys, the measure of love  has been set. Namely by this fellow, who actually built a 400-square-foot closet for her wife into the guest bedroom. Modeled after Carrie Bradshaw´s walk-in-closet in the movie "Sex and the city". The cost? A mere $175 000. Spare change, right?

Money and material aside, what is it that women want? Let´s get some semiprofessional help into the picture.
Meet Dr.Love, or as otherwise known, Jay Herrod. The man may seem like a peculiar oddball, but some of the lines may hit the right note. Sort of. My favorite is number 5: all women have a set pattern. Figure it out and a man may  figure her out. After these golden tips no woman is safe from surrendering to the hunt.

And if all else fails, remember guys (and gals): Wine is fine but whiskey´s quicker.


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