Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Traveling Hotel in Norway

Breathtaking or what? Norway is beautiful and the fjords are full of poetry. But how to market this nature´s grand design for the ignorant masses? The small town of Andalsness has come up with a novel idea -a hotel on wheels. These pictures depict the whole plan. "Hotel" rolls on train tracks across the scenery, showing the absolute best of what nature can be. Portable box rooms are minimalistic and tiny, and the whole idea is to move people in an environmentally-safe fashion from place to place.
If this were April fool´s day, I would list this as one attempt at passing wild imagination for the gullible.
But no, it is very real. I´m not sure how this would succeed in the middle of cold, snowy winters.
Stranded in a cold box in the middle of nowhere? Paging Bear Grylls, please.