Thursday, December 23, 2010

Dream Christmas wish list

When thinking about my past paramours and their gifts, I never quite got used to receiving any fancy, overpriced stuff. As in, ever. For me, other things regardless of wealth have always meant more. Silly thinking in the long run? However, I am aware of women, and men, for whom the expensiveness of the presents equal love.
And that is what all those holiday-time commercials try to convince us of. Do you really love her? Really, really, reaaallly? Do you appreciate her? Why don´t you get her the newest Chanel makeup?

This is supposedly a real wishlist, found by a blogger´s brother in the NYC metro. Of course. Where else.
Nothing says love in New York city like "gold or silver or sparkly Christian Louboutins". For those of you who are staring with an empty look right now, Louboutins are shoes. Like the ones they wear in Sex and the City- show. (How clever, the lady of the list can single and mingle her heart out after the break up in those sparklies!)
I also like how she points out that the list of books can be found cheaper from Amazon or Ebay. Would a woman who misspells Kerastase hair products read Dickens? Or even understand the message of Dante´s Divine Comedy? Maybe she just likes to dazzle her guests with fancy reading material by the bathroom sink.
Oh well, what ever. Secretly I am just jealous that she found her own personal santa to shell out what ever the  little heart desires. Or not. Nothing is free, you see. Universe has its rules.

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