Thursday, October 21, 2010

When there is too much time on Your hands

Machines can be frustrating. Lord knows how many times I´ve cursed at an inanimate object for not working, thrown them against the wall and contemplated on giving up the sad case of machinery in question altogether.

This man goes a step further in his hate. Or, he is just plain bored. Any guesses?
After getting tired at his brand-new cell phone for not working, he began to spread the world. These smartphones are expensive. I understand the rage, completely. Reading at the list, this stick seems like a useless piece of something. That captcha-question peek-a-boo when trying to log in to the app service might have just been a sick piece of joke from some tired programmer. Not being able to play your videos? Of course not. Read the list and get the comical relief of the day.

 And the phone? Nokia n-8.

N8 fail- reasons why the Nokia n8 sucks

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