Monday, October 18, 2010

The New Willow Smith music video

This has been expected since the first bits of her singing turned up online, and Jay Z could not stay quiet about the wonders of his new 9-year-old protégé.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the girl is just 9_years_old.

But please remember, we are not talking about just any common child: this is the offspring of Will Smith and Jada Smith, the Hollywood powerhouse. Their older child Jayden has already been destined to greatness via the main role in this year´s Karate Kid, and now the younger team member of the Smith-dynasty shows her talents (or whips her hair).

 But of course she did not come up with the song herself, as has been previously suggested. Versions of this song can be found on Youtube, song by people such as Jennifer Lopez. Common music business stuff, recycling the hits until they find a good and promising home.

This is a very clever business move in general. Nowadays it is country and kids´music that sells, the rest is uncertain. Justin Bieber is 16, and getting too old for these markets. A new kid star is golden. With any luck, Willow will whip her hair and rock out hits for a couple of years, and then? She will never have to work again.

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