Monday, June 21, 2010

Douglas Copeland and the art of selling

Douglas Coupland, the treasure of Canadialand. A poet, academic, artist, writer. Described as the one of the great satirist of consumerism (# ^ The man, who we can all thank for the term "McJob". How the mighty have fallen.

Now the great thinker is doing what? At the ripe age of 48 (he turns 49 in December), Douglas has resorted into hawking clothes. Yes, you read it right. Mid-life crisis of the thinking man or just plain old money-hungry? At a recent Ideacity -conference in Toronto (18.6.2010), mister Coupland together with a canadian retailer The Roots unveiled his designs for an upcoming collection. Looking visibly uncomfortable, he explained how this project just seemed so different and refreshing. Maybe, and maybe there was also money involved. There always is. Don´t let the artistic images and sideways glances fool you. This is plain marketing. The clothes themselves? Not worth mentioning.

Interestingly, on his website ( there is no word on this "exciting new opportunity". Feeling a bit of shame, are we?

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