Monday, March 26, 2012

Lovely Lady and The Mesmerizing Piano

Occasionally I hear my friends complain that I like to listen to the females who ride the piano bench too much.
(As in the singer-songwriter women, who excel in expressing their souls by the grand piano.)
Oh well. I just tend to like good music, be it the piano-ladies or something else. And I am well-aware of being   blatantly subjective, no apologies there.
I was eager to hear the sounds from her new up-coming album, which seems promising.
The music is definitely going darker, faster, rhythmic, industrial and techno-bubblier. Which is exactly the kind of audio-smoothie this girl likes to hear on her iPod. As usual, her Slavic roots can be heard in the undertones, as well.

Her new album, "What We Saw From the Cheap Seats" comes out at the end of May.

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Aija said...

A new Regina Spektor album!!! Wohoo! Cannot wait.